Monthly Archives: March 2013

Bake a Cake


Children are amazing. I am so very impressed with my group of six year olds who decorated these cakes. This was a creative workshop we did in school recently.

But cakes? Is that really setting an example of healthy eating?

Well yes it can be. Part of the balance of a healthy diet is accepting that cakes do exist – they are not a figment of our imagination! They should be allowed occasionally, not as a treat or as a part of an everyday well balanced diet, but as an exception to the rule. Our world is full of cake and buns and all sorts of other fat and sugared foods. It is the world we live in and is unavoidable. I do not see cake as a useful food that enriches our lives in a nutritional way. We are all aware of the dangers caused by too much fat and sugar and the impact on our bodies. However there are ways of making cakes healthier, using fruit or vegetables, less sugar, natural colours and wholegrain flour. Making your own means that you have much more control over what goes into them, how much sugar and what kind of fat is used. Shop brought cakes often have lots of hidden nasties including far too much sugar, salt and the wrong kind of fats.