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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all

I have written a lovely article in the Families Chiltern magazine about school dinners – go check it out

This half term in the schools Cookies runs clubs in we will be looking at children’s school lunches from around the globe and how they compare to their lunches in our schools. We will also be looking at ‘Weird and Wonderful Foods’ from around the world. For example, what is Birds Nest Soup?  Does it really contain a nest? Would you swap your snack foods for another country’s idea of a heavenly snack? Could you be tempted to eat a chocolate covered ant or crunch into a fried grasshopper? Or munch your way through a bag of delicious chicken feet? What’s yuk and what is yummy depends on where you live and what you are used to eating. Psst…. don’t worry grown up’s, I won’t be force feeding your children these types of snacks (not unless they really want to try them!)