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Lessons in Lobster


Our son Jack got a masterclass in lobsters from Valentis while we were on holiday in Halki this year. Using incredibly fresh lobsters straight from the sea it was a hands-on lesson with Jack learning how to hold lobsters (and keep all his fingers!) and much more…such as:

  • If the shell is softer the taste will be better
  • Female lobsters taste sweeter than males
  • Tickle their eyes to test their reflexes and therefore how fresh they are
  • Although they generally move slowly they can use their tails to swim backwards at over 10 mph – it’s those strong muscles that can nip your fingers if you don’t hold them correctly.
  • Ice makes them sleepy and hibernate

We also learnt how delicious lobster spaghetti is when expertly cooked by Valentis and Livanos, sweet tender lobster with linguini in a beautiful sauce.

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