About us

Cookies have been running numerous cooking and healthy eating activities for 10 years. Working in a variety of schools and nurseries together with providing individual and group cooking activities and parties.

  • After school classes for various ages.
  • Tailor made cookery workshops for 11-18 year olds, college survival courses.
  • Saturday morning cookery classes for various age groups.
  • Seasonal foods and seasonal events – hand-made Easter eggs, edible Christmas decorations and gifts.
  • Parties and celebrations .
  • Food therapy – touching foods and being allowed to experiment with different tastes and textures

Cooking with Cookies is all about having fun with food, exploring tastes, textures, colours and smells while learning the importance of making healthy eating choices.

All ingredients are of the highest quality – locally sourced fresh produce, organic whenever practical, and always GM free.

Our Aims:

Helping children to develop a positive and healthy relationship with food from an early age.

To allow children to enjoy the sense of achievement gained from learning the important life skill of cookery and healthy eating.

Giving children the tools and guidance to make healthier choices over food.

Inspiring investigation and experimentation with food – we love to inspire! As a teacher if you have a great passion for your subject you cannot help but inspire others.

To have lots of fun with food!


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