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Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


This is what one of my lovely customers said about her daughter’s birthday bash!

I would not hesitate to recommend a ‘Cookies’ party – definitely the easiest party we’ve ever hosted, as well as one of the most entertaining for the children.

Michele and her team were amazing, they arrived in a whirlwind of cake, decorations and general ‘bonhomie’.

They dressed the table, helped the kids to make their birthday tea [pizza], decorate cakes and ‘Mad Hatter’ hats, as well as keeping them entertained for every single second of the party, and then dismantled and cleared up – to be honest, I was quite weary just watching them – needless to say, the children loved it all.

To top it off, my daughter was even allowed to ‘custard pie’ the Mad Hatter! and all the children took home their many creations.

The feedback has been fabulous.

Thank you Michele, Angel and Dawn.


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Greek salads

This week in school we have been doing a little bit of Greek cooking. While we cook we shall be learning a few simple Greek words – very useful if you are going there for your summer holiday this year. The children have been making the typical Greek Salad, using spring onions instead of sweet salad onion (the only reason for this is that sweet salad onion is not available at the moment) and we are finishing it off with some Greek mountain herbs which I lovingly picked myself.

Quite often the locals like to eat caper leaves with their Greek Salad (which at present is very difficult to get hold of in England). They also add some dill which is totally delicious when in season. Greek salad would often be eaten by the Greeks to start a meal.

Greek Friendship Salad:

Simple but delicious,  my Greek friends make this for me when I visit them…one watermelon chopped in chunks with sprigs of fresh mint and chunks of Feta cheese all mixed together.

Serve with giant croutons…slice a  baguette, ciabata, or pitta bread into chunky strips, add some crushed garlic to good quality olive oil leave to marinade at room temperature for one hour. On each piece of bread paint your garlicky olive oil then sprinkle some oregano and lemon juice then cook under a hot grill or oven until crisp and golden.