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The Salad Challenge

We had great fun in our cookery club last week and the children got all creative with a wide selection of different veg, herbs and dressings to choose from to come up with their very own tasty summer salad. Here are some names the children chose to call their creations and some of the descriptions they used to try and get you to eat them!

Explosion Salad


George’s Super Salad Surprise

The Epic Salad

The Super Dooper Salad

Exspelyarmous – this salad will cast a yum spell on you

Clever Couscous Fantastic Salad – brilliant and delicious

The Fancy Salad – not suitable for those who don’t like chilli

Martha’s Mystical Salad – suitable for people who like lots of vegetables

Freddie’s Fazzbear Delight – my salad is the best in the world – it’s juicy, it’s fresh and it’s yummy Sunny Side Salad – this may be the underdog but it can pack a punch, it could be winter but it would warm you up and put a smile on your face.

Holly’s Awesome Salad – all ingredients are fresh

Richard’s Roaring Salad

Cosmos Salad – my salad is the best in the entire galaxy

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party


This is what one of my lovely customers said about her daughter’s birthday bash!

I would not hesitate to recommend a ‘Cookies’ party – definitely the easiest party we’ve ever hosted, as well as one of the most entertaining for the children.

Michele and her team were amazing, they arrived in a whirlwind of cake, decorations and general ‘bonhomie’.

They dressed the table, helped the kids to make their birthday tea [pizza], decorate cakes and ‘Mad Hatter’ hats, as well as keeping them entertained for every single second of the party, and then dismantled and cleared up – to be honest, I was quite weary just watching them – needless to say, the children loved it all.

To top it off, my daughter was even allowed to ‘custard pie’ the Mad Hatter! and all the children took home their many creations.

The feedback has been fabulous.

Thank you Michele, Angel and Dawn.


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Friday, July 4th, was American Independence Day and here at CPS we have been having our own celebration focussing on the newest state in the US – Hawaii.  We have been dusting down our grass skirts and trying traditional Hawaiian cuisine.  Amazingly Spam is a popular meat there, dating back to the posting of a sizable number of US troops to the islands during World War Two.  With the troops came their rations which is where the tins of Spam came in.  Having discovered the delights of this tinned meat the Hawaiians incorporated it into their traditional dishes, for example Spam Mushi (a Hawaiian version of Sushi).  However, it has not all been Spam, there has been coconut, chilli and pineapple galore.  Particular favourites have been coconut and lime chilli salmon with pineapple rice followed with coconut cake.  We spent all afternoon dreaming about lying on the beach and riding the surf!

The children also got to try lots of enjoy exotic fruit:





A fab fun thing to do with your children. When we think of Sushi we think raw fish but it’s not all fish though. At Yo Sushi there’s a huge variety of food, cooked or cold dishes, dancing their way around a conveyor belt. Small potions served in colourful bowls – a perfect way to get your little eaters to try something new as they have control over what they choose to swipe off the belt. I took my children and we had so much fun. I highly recommend it if you want your little monkeys to become more adventurous with food.

Bish, Bash, Bosh!

Bish Bash Bosh Recipe:

5 fab kids

2 pairs of large funny glasses

Some funny wigs

A blow up guitar


2 x custard pies (face size)

A bit of pasta dough

Boppy music

You have then cooked yourself up some great fun in the kitchen. For extra advice see our video on YouTube.