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Friday, July 4th, was American Independence Day and here at CPS we have been having our own celebration focussing on the newest state in the US – Hawaii.  We have been dusting down our grass skirts and trying traditional Hawaiian cuisine.  Amazingly Spam is a popular meat there, dating back to the posting of a sizable number of US troops to the islands during World War Two.  With the troops came their rations which is where the tins of Spam came in.  Having discovered the delights of this tinned meat the Hawaiians incorporated it into their traditional dishes, for example Spam Mushi (a Hawaiian version of Sushi).  However, it has not all been Spam, there has been coconut, chilli and pineapple galore.  Particular favourites have been coconut and lime chilli salmon with pineapple rice followed with coconut cake.  We spent all afternoon dreaming about lying on the beach and riding the surf!

The children also got to try lots of enjoy exotic fruit: