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Jack’s Thai Fry

My son Jack is a funny fish! Quite literally as he is a pescetarian. He also eats veg, fruit and definitely chocolate, cake, biscuits and sweets (only gelatine free of course). In Jack’s early years, if he had been allowed, his diet would have just consisted of chocolate. This decision to not eat meat is, I hasten to add, all of his own making and has in a funny sort of way made his diet more varied and healthier. This is the boy who at the ages of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 would rather wear his food then eat it and certainly perished the thought of eating anything green. He has decided too much meat is not good for the environment and it’s cruel to eat animals, but not fish? Mine is not to argue why but to parent him the best I can and we aim to be flexible (within reason). So Jack has made up this recipe filled with some of his favourite vegetables and fish of course – hope you enjoy it we all did.

Packet of rice noodles

Spring onions


Green beans


Crushed garlic

Thinly sliced carrots

Beansprouts/water chestnuts

Sesame seed oil

Fresh squid cut into rings

Tiger prawns

Fresh coriander leaves to garnish

Cook all the ingredients together in a Wok if you don’t mind your veg being crunchy or if you prefer the veg soft cook for a couple of minutes before adding the squid and prawns. Jack was fascinated by the fact that prawns change colour from grey to pink – he thought that was some magic trick.  Cook the noodles separately following the instructions on the packet then add them just before serving.

You might like to add a little chilli or coconut milk to this recipe but this is Jack’s recipe so very child friendly or for those not keen on chilli. We are working on those chilli taste buds in our house and will soon have him eating chillies like apples off a tree.