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I scream for Ice cream!!

Come rain or shine we still eat the stuff, children and grownups alike love it!

Knock! Knock! Who’s there?

Ice cream!

Ice cream who?

I scream if you throw me in cold water.

In modern day living pretty everything or anything can be made into an ice cream, from Oreos to snail flavoured. But how did this relationship with the cold stuff come about?

Snow cone facts

  •  Marco Polo brought back ice and noodles from China and ever since the Italians have been crazy about the stuff. In fact so has all of continental Europe since Marco in the 13th century .
  • Historians state that Alexandra the Great (356-323 BC) loved to eat snow flavoured nectar and honey
  • One of the most unusual ice-cream flavours invented is hot dog…yum sounds delicious , created in Arizona USA of course!!
  • 90% of American households eat ice cream.