Monthly Archives: February 2015

Half-term fun

We had lots of fun this half-term holiday, we made sun-dried tomato ravioli, Omusubi sushi, a yummy roasted potato salad and much more. One of our favourite things we made was this chocolate flowerpot cake where we crumble some cake to make it look like soil, the kids got all creative adding some extra arty flower bits to it.




Over the rest of this term, amongst lots of other yummy things, we are making roasted vegetable pasta, chocolate brioche bread and butter pudding. We will be looking at all things spring and springy. How many different ways are there to cook an egg? We have an ostrich egg and goose eggs to look at and we will be making a duck egg cake.

Spikey not Spicy Mexican food

What do you know about Mexican food? You probably know about tacos, quesadillas, salsa, etc. How about cactus steak… any takers? It’s a very common veg in Mexico grills, they knock off the spikey bits first and grill the cactus paddle; tastes a little like green beans. Serve with meat or salsa in a pancake, slap some guacamole in for good measure.

cactus1 cactus2