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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all

I have written a lovely article in the Families Chiltern magazine about school dinners – go check it out www.familieschiltern.co.uk

This half term in the schools Cookies runs clubs in we will be looking at children’s school lunches from around the globe and how they compare to their lunches in our schools. We will also be looking at ‘Weird and Wonderful Foods’ from around the world. For example, what is Birds Nest Soup?  Does it really contain a nest? Would you swap your snack foods for another country’s idea of a heavenly snack? Could you be tempted to eat a chocolate covered ant or crunch into a fried grasshopper? Or munch your way through a bag of delicious chicken feet? What’s yuk and what is yummy depends on where you live and what you are used to eating. Psst…. don’t worry grown up’s, I won’t be force feeding your children these types of snacks (not unless they really want to try them!)


Friday, July 4th, was American Independence Day and here at CPS we have been having our own celebration focussing on the newest state in the US – Hawaii.  We have been dusting down our grass skirts and trying traditional Hawaiian cuisine.  Amazingly Spam is a popular meat there, dating back to the posting of a sizable number of US troops to the islands during World War Two.  With the troops came their rations which is where the tins of Spam came in.  Having discovered the delights of this tinned meat the Hawaiians incorporated it into their traditional dishes, for example Spam Mushi (a Hawaiian version of Sushi).  However, it has not all been Spam, there has been coconut, chilli and pineapple galore.  Particular favourites have been coconut and lime chilli salmon with pineapple rice followed with coconut cake.  We spent all afternoon dreaming about lying on the beach and riding the surf!

The children also got to try lots of enjoy exotic fruit:



Magic Glasses

The children at CPS have been busy piling vegetables and other healthy food on to their plates recently.  Why?  – because I’ve been patrolling the dining hall wearing my Magic Glasses.  I am sure many of you are jealous of me and my Magic Glasses, after all who as a child didn’t long to own a pair.  Although you may have hoped to see through or around objects; see what wasn’t really there or just wanted to world around you look different, my special glasses help me see how much healthy food the children have on their plates.  Anyone with two of their five a day may get a chance to high-five me and try the glasses on for a bit.  Now what I don’t know is, are those glasses magic for everyone and what do they show? Could some see people turned into pirates, footballers or princesses or could the teachers even be turned into monsters…….watch out the Magic Glasses are about!

The CPS dining room

The dining room at Chesham Prep School has been undergoing quite a transformation of late.  Having taken over the head chef role this term, the first thing Cookies extraordinaire Michele undertook was to send out a questionnaire to all the children and staff of the school.  Over 250 replies came back, keeping her very busy reading through them all.  Whilst some suggestions like candyfloss on the salad bar, dinner plates with NO vegetables and chocolate fountains for everyone to dip their strawberries in are unlikely to go ahead, there are many fantastic improvements that will be appearing.  So far cheese boards and fruit platters have been seen and stir-fries are becoming a popular addition to the menu.  Children have shown an amazingly adventurous streak by expressing a great interest in sushi and fajitas.  Watch this space to see what other fantastic changes are happening…………