Magic Glasses

The children at CPS have been busy piling vegetables and other healthy food on to their plates recently.  Why?  – because I’ve been patrolling the dining hall wearing my Magic Glasses.  I am sure many of you are jealous of me and my Magic Glasses, after all who as a child didn’t long to own a pair.  Although you may have hoped to see through or around objects; see what wasn’t really there or just wanted to world around you look different, my special glasses help me see how much healthy food the children have on their plates.  Anyone with two of their five a day may get a chance to high-five me and try the glasses on for a bit.  Now what I don’t know is, are those glasses magic for everyone and what do they show? Could some see people turned into pirates, footballers or princesses or could the teachers even be turned into monsters…….watch out the Magic Glasses are about!

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