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Back to School Breakfast

Here we go, back to it! Maybe like my daughter you can’t wait to get back to school to see your mates or perhaps for some who are starting new school there is a little apprehension. And for parents they also may be worrying about how they are going to settle in or maybe you are desperate to get back into a routine? Whichever it is I wish you ‘Happy School Days’.  What with children and adults alike now be recommended to have 7 – 10 fruit and veg a day it is difficult to keep an eye on them while at school and the best we can do is make sure the meals we are involved in are full of the stuff. So here are a few Back to School Breakfast ideas for you to try:

Pancakes and wraps for Breakfast: make the mix and stick it in the fridge overnight or make them up the night before. Easy to buy in the shops buckwheat pancakes (slow releasing carbs), thick American pancakes or sophisticated thins. Fill these with mixed berries, Greek yoghurt and honey or blackberry and apple puree, banana and honey. Banana and bacon sounds weird but is very delicious.

Seeded wraps: easy and readily available in the shops – poached or scrambled egg with smoked salmon and fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes.

Baked beans on brown toast! Might sound odd but they are a great sauce of protein and fibre

Cereals are often full of refined sugars these days but some have less than others. Check out the others and get them into the habit of adding some fruit on top.

Traffic light scramble: 4 eggs, chopped toms (or good quality tinned), chopped up parsley served on Rye bread

Fruit salad, topped with Greek yoghurt

Homemade Smoothie:  2 handful of fruit (banana, kiwi, melon, plums, raspberries…whatever you like) 2 x Greek yoghurt and add milk to get the right consistency. You can replace the yoghurt with soya, almond or coconut milk if you prefer. If you haven’t got time to make it there are some good readymade brands out there. Serve with thick toasted brown seeded bread, or bagels, fruit bread, oat cakes with peanut butter. The combinations are endless.

Magic Glasses

The children at CPS have been busy piling vegetables and other healthy food on to their plates recently.  Why?  – because I’ve been patrolling the dining hall wearing my Magic Glasses.  I am sure many of you are jealous of me and my Magic Glasses, after all who as a child didn’t long to own a pair.  Although you may have hoped to see through or around objects; see what wasn’t really there or just wanted to world around you look different, my special glasses help me see how much healthy food the children have on their plates.  Anyone with two of their five a day may get a chance to high-five me and try the glasses on for a bit.  Now what I don’t know is, are those glasses magic for everyone and what do they show? Could some see people turned into pirates, footballers or princesses or could the teachers even be turned into monsters…….watch out the Magic Glasses are about!