Simple Summer Foodie Things

Souvlaki inspired dishes. Serve inside or out, sunshine or rain, barbequed or grilled. Easy meals to share with family and friends.

Soak your kebab sticks in water for a couple of hours before use.

Monkfish Souvlaki – cut the monkfish into chunks (Tip: get your local supermarket to take off the membrane so that the fish does not shrink when cooked). Grab a handful of cherry tomatoes and put in a bowl with the fish and drizzle in some basil oil to coat the pieces. Alternate toms with monkfish on the skewers. Grill on a high heat (it doesn’t take long at all) and serve with basil pesto.

Drunken Chicken Souvlaki – marinade chunks of chicken overnight in white wine, good quality olive oil, thyme and chopped garlic. Thread onto skewers, leaving a little space between each chunk to ensure the chicken cooks thoroughly, barbeque or grill and before serving squeeze on some lemon juice and add a sprinkle of fresh thyme. To accompany the chicken homemade bruschetta…to good quality olive oil add a clove of garlic and dried mixed herbs. Leave to infuse overnight. Slice some ciabatta bread and before serving the chicken soak the slices of bread in the infused oil and cook in a flat or griddle pan on top of the stove. Place the bruschetta on a plate, cover with rocket leaves and place the chicken on top.

Hawaiian Tuna Souvlaki – chunks of fresh tuna skewered either with chunks of green mango or fresh pineapple coated in a little oil. Serve with a sweet chilli sauce (or if you like more spice use a red hot jalapeno sauce) and some coriander leaves.

Cajun Spiced Veggie Delight – your favourite veg, e.g. mushroom, artichoke hearts, mini bell peppers (green or red) in a bowl mixed together with some dry Cajun spice mix and some olive oil. Serve on some saganaki (grilled Greek cheese). To make saganaki take slices of Graviera or Kasseri cheese. Prepare a bowl with whisked egg and a plate with semolina. Dip the cheese in the egg then the semolina. Cook in a pan on top of the stove until both sides are golden brown. Before serving squeeze a little lemon juice over it.

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