Thame Food Festival

If you love food this is the place to go – Thame Food Festival


An early start – the view from the Town Hall while we were setting up.

A fantastic event that attracted about 25,000 visitors this year, loads of amazing artisan food and drink producers and many celebrity chefs – the star being Raymond Blanc who added comedy to his list of amazing talents and was what you’d call an all round good egg.
There were dozens and dozens of stalls set up by unique artisan food businesses each one brimming with some truly beautiful and delicious produce. I could see what Alison Isherwood, the festival organiser, meant when she told me that they seek out those who combine the highest quality with a real passion for food. It was great to chat to some of the stall-holders and pick up tips and ideas and experience their enthusiasm for their produce.


Getting busy now


I wonder who’s stall this is?

Cookies was in the Town Hall having ‘Party Pasta Fun’ with children of all ages – I believe the youngest was 2 years old – and it was great seeing so many children getting involved. The whole atmosphere was fantastic and certainly kept my energy levels up from dawn to dusk. I love my job.


One of several sessions during the day


Thanks for all your help – Miranda, Emma and my amazing Angel!

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